Uncover Deeper Customer Insights with Customer Listening Platforms: 10 Ways for Insight Managers

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Are you an insight manager who finds it difficult to interpret customer data? Do you feel as if you are sinking in a sea of data and are unable to find insights that might help your organization grow? If so, you are not alone.


Getting useful insights that may guide company choices from the enormous amount of consumer data can be difficult. Customer listening platforms, fortunately, provide a solution. The strength of machine learning and natural language processing may be tapped into by these platforms to assist insight managers in finding important insights that can drive corporate expansion. 


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Read on for 10 Ways Consumer Listening Platforms Help Insight Managers


Identify emerging trends

Finding upcoming trends is one of the most important advantages of employing a customer listening platform. Insight managers may get real-time insights into consumer attitude and behavior by monitoring social media, review sites, and other online channels. 

For instance, a bank may use a customer listening platform to discover customer annoyance with telemarketing calls for loans. Insight managers may see a rising trend of consumers complaining that they are annoyed by random loan calls from banks despite having indicated no interest in loans by keeping an eye on comments on social media and other internet channels. This knowledge may enable managers to modify their outreach tactics and concentrate on providing more individualized and relevant services to their clients, such as targeted loan offers to clients who have previously shown an interest in loans. This might enhance the general consumer experience and perhaps promote client loyalty.


Understand customer preferences

Platforms for customer listening may also assist insight managers in learning about customer preferences. The products, features, and services that consumers value the most may be determined by insight managers by examining customer comments, reviews, and surveys. 

A customer listening platform may be used by an online retailer to research consumer preferences for product creation. For instance, the business may examine client comments and evaluations to determine what qualities buyers value in a certain product category, like apparel. The trends in the comments might reveal if clients like certain types of materials, colors, or fashions. 

Some youngsters may say, “Recently I saw Virat Kohli wearing something, for an advertisement for a brand, it was attention-grabbing.” It’s possible that youngsters would like to follow this trend.  

The insight manager might suggest modifying the product line to better reflect customer needs and preferences based on this knowledge of the current trend. The business may emphasize finding more sustainable textiles or color options for its clothing line if clients routinely demonstrate a desire for eco-friendly materials and vibrant colors as Virat Kohli would wear. In this manner, the e-commerce firm can boost consumer happiness and loyalty by using client feedback, which will eventually lead to an increase in sales.


Monitor brand reputation

Insight managers may see potential problems before they get out of hand by monitoring brand mentions on social media, review sites, and other online channels. 

An airline firm, for instance, may keep tabs on its brand reputation using a consumer listening platform. They might monitor brand mentions on social media and review websites to spot possible problems that can damage their image, such as airline delays, poor customer service, or misplaced luggage. Insight managers might find trends and take proactive steps to enhance the customer experience by studying customer feedback and sentiment. They might adjust their flight schedules, expand personnel training, or improve customer communications if they observe a pattern of unfavorable complaints about flight delays.


Improve customer experience

The identification of typical grievances or frustrations is one way that consumer listening platforms may assist in enhancing the customer experience. For instance, insight managers of a hotel chain may keep an eye on online reviews and social media mentions using a consumer listening tool. They learn that many visitors are dissatisfied with the protracted check-in lines. With this knowledge, the hotel chain may act to solve the problem, such as by adding additional front desk personnel or introducing a mobile check-in alternative. 

A customer experience could be “We checked in, were given our room and to our surprise and theirs, it wasn’t clean. A maintenance worker just happened to be there when we found the room in a mess. He immediately contacted the front desk. They were so embarrassed; the owner of the hotel apologized and told us to go into the lounge for dinner and drinks (on him) while we waited for our room to be cleaned.”


Inform product development

Platforms for customer listening may also be used by insight managers to guide product development. Market gaps and potential areas for development may be found by insight managers by examining consumer comments, reviews, and surveys. For instance, a car manufacturer may utilize a customer listening platform to learn that consumers want vehicles with higher fuel economy. To fulfill consumer demand, the corporation will be able to spend thanks to this realization in the creation of a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Similarly, they can analyze reviews to understand issues with their current car – engine noise, lack of armrest, small boot space, and inefficient navigation pane.


Track competitor activity

Insight managers can gain insights into competitor products, services, and marketing strategies. An online fashion retailer could track competitors’ activities on social media, review sites, and other online channels, and gain insights into the products, pricing, and promotions of their competitors. For instance, they may discover that a competitor has launched a new line of sustainable clothing that is getting rave reviews. Using this intelligence, the retailer could adjust their product offerings and marketing strategies to better meet customer demands and stay ahead of the competition.


Identify influencers

Using customer listening technology, insight managers at a pet care business may pinpoint people who have a big impact on their target market. For instance, they may find social media influencers who are well-known in the pet care industry. With this information, the business might work with these influencers to market its products and services by reaching a larger group of potential customers who own pets. For example, Oscar, Bubbles have 75000 to 100,000 followers on YouTube and Instagram.


Enhance marketing efforts

By examining customer feedback and sentiment to develop focused marketing campaigns that connect with their target audience, insight managers may utilize consumer listening platforms to improve their marketing efforts. Insight managers may successfully reach and engage consumers by customizing marketing messages and tactics by developing a thorough grasp of customer wants, preferences, and pain areas. Platforms for customer listening may also reveal new trends, rival activity, and prospective problems that can affect marketing initiatives. Based on this information, insight managers may make data-driven choices to increase client acquisition and retention, optimize marketing initiatives, and ultimately spur corporate development.


Predict customer behavior

Through the use of customer listening platforms, insight managers may forecast customer behavior by examining information gathered from multiple internet sources. In terms of consumer behavior, preferences, and emotion, they can spot patterns and trends.

They may construct predictive models and tactics to foresee client requirements and behaviors using the information provided. For instance, they could discover that clients often buy certain items at particular periods of the year or in reaction to particular marketing messages. Insight managers may develop focused marketing efforts, expand product offers, and improve customer service based on this knowledge to improve the entire customer experience.


Measure the impact of business decisions

Additionally, insight managers may assess the effects of corporate actions with the use of consumer listening platforms. Insight managers may ascertain if a business action had a good or negative effect on the customer experience by monitoring customer mood and behavior before and after the decision was made. An education organization, for instance, may employ a consumer listening platform to gauge the effectiveness of a fresh course offering. Based on the researched findings, the organization might change the course selection to enhance the client experience.


Without a doubt, consumer listening systems provide insight managers a strong tool to find business-relevant insights. Insight managers can improve customer experience, track competitor activity, identify influencers, identify emerging trends, comprehend customer preferences, monitor brand reputation, predict customer behavior, and measure the effects of business decisions by analyzing customer data. With the use of these insights, insight managers may take data-driven actions that advance customer satisfaction and corporate progress. Therefore, if you’re an insight manager having trouble making sense of customer data, think about using the strength of a customer listening platform to get insightful information for your company.


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