The Role of CX Listening Platforms in Building a Customer-Centric Culture

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Today’s businesses need a customer-centric culture to succeed. Forbes found that 73% of firms with above-average customer service outperform rivals financially. Customer centricity is crucial, but how can you create a culture around it?

CX Listening Platforms work wonders to build a customer-centric culture faster as it provides the means to cut the noise and listen to meaningful insights. Here’s how – 

The Power of Active Listening


Companies must prioritize customers in decision-making to create a customer-centric culture. This means actively listening to and leveraging consumer input to make business choices. Consider a small business software firm. They may utilize a listening platforms to monitor social media and customer support to find consumer pain points and product improvements. 


By examining this data, businesses may discover that their customers want a new feature or that their support teams may require more training to improve a specific area. With this data, the organization can prioritize customer demands and increase their happiness and loyalty.


Accelerating CX Transformation with Listening Platforms


Listening systems collect and analyze feedback from customers through social media, and review sites. Some of the Listening platforms include social media monitoring, customer feedback management, and VoC software.


Listening Platforms


The following listening platforms are used to listen to customers.

  • Share of voice report
  • Improvement analysis report
  • Media Type analysis report 
  • Campaign/Brand analytics – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  • YouTube Brand channel Analytics Report – YouTube, Google, LinkedIn 
  • Comparison – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Brand Health Tracker
  • CX Studies
  • Sprinklr/Meltwater Social Media Tracker


Though some of the listening platforms extract customer conversations, they are not analyzed. Instead, the focus is on sentiment analysis and potential adverse reports.


Accelerating CX transformation and corporate development needs comprehensive listening systems that monitor, evaluate, and give vital information to help organizations make relevant choices more quickly. They assist firms to become customer-centric by revealing customer desires and preferences. This information helps organizations understand consumers and make better product, marketing, and customer service choices.


An online-only shoe retailer employs CX listening to collect and analyze consumer feedback via social media, online reviews, and customer care conversations. Advanced NLP and machine learning algorithms analyze consumer attitudes and subjects and monitor customer behavior trends and preferences.


Customer listening gives the shoe retailer practical information and suggestions as follows:

shoe customers

Product development: Customers may repeatedly request tennis shoes. This input helps the organization focus on tennis development to match customer demands.


Customer service: The platform may detect a substantial rise in unfavorable sentiment connected to shoe size fit in a category. Internal investigations may rectify the problem to avoid future consumer or reputation harm.


Thus, complete CX listening helps firms alter their CX strategy and develop by delivering consumer insights and suggestions.


CX listening platforms for customer-centricity have 10 benefits:


  • Help firms detect and resolve complaints from customers, improving customer happiness.


  • Companies may strengthen connections by listening to and acting on consumer feedback.


  • Let firms learn their needs and preferences, improving customer experience.


  • Product development is improved through user input.


  • Can discover consumer conversation patterns and themes to inform marketing strategy and campaigns.


  • Help firms become more customer-centric, which boosts profitability.


  • Companies may gain a competitive edge by prioritizing consumer input and making data-driven choices.


  • Discovers and resolves consumer complaints before they escalate.


  • Improves customer service by detecting frequent concerns and offering solutions.


  • Boost morale and engagement of customers.


Building a customer-centric culture is essential for corporate success, and listening platforms could be beneficial. By actively listening to customer feedback, companies could better understand their customer’s desires and preferences, leading to better choices and results for both the firm and its consumers.


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