Customer Experience Management

At various points during customer lifecycle, there are experiences between customers and the company across touchpoints, be it product / service or service touchpoints such as self-serve components, contact centers, servicing staff, each of which result in different customer experiences.

With Customer Experience Management, data can be analyzed at each touchpoint to assess its impact and the experiences that it creates. Thus enabling planning and delivery of delightful customer experiences which can be monetized.

Design Interface to Reduce Cost

Design Interface to reduce cost

Self-Service technologies such as web, IVR, proactive SMS Text notifications, ATM Kiosk, Mobile App serve three purposes – customer service, transactions and self-help.

Complications and breakages in interfaces hinder a customer’s ability to avail a service and end up depending upon (expensive) employee involvement.

Automated Design Interface tools to improve IVR usability from a customer’s perspective via routing low-involvement transactions within the IVR thereby freeing agent’s time to handle complex calls

Maximizing meaningful containment of customers within IVR

Connecting customers to most appropriate agent

Functionalities that reduce handling time


Sales /Service / SMS chat / Contact Centre agent notes provide insights on customer’s effort to do business with the firm.

Smartphone assistants analyze various data including user’s usage patterns, day-parts, geo-location, most often used apps, to anticipate their needs and expectations and thus deliver personalized suggestions even before the users ask for it. The assistants are designed to offer users a seamless interactions with their devices, seek information or execute commands.

Similarly, customers are looking for engaged interactions with Organizations on various fronts, be it to answer their queries, address grievances, resolve requests / complaints, provide specific inputs and updates. Currently, various touchpoints do strive to deliver, but every manager knows customer requests are not time bound and can come up 24/7.

Call centres and retail branches are equipped to address all sorts of queries 24X7 thus increasing expenses. Many of the high volume, simplified queries do not require expensive agent interaction, rather customers can get real time automated responses through self-service assistance. We make this possible with Robotic HelpdeskSM

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Engage Interaction to ease customer effort
Streamline Processes

Streamline Process to Improve Customer Experience

Operational data can shed light on transactional behavior, log data, resource utilization and financial performance, which can be used to create consistent, seamless and quality experiences.

Infomediaries’ core business is to provide “actionable insights” across different data sources and electronic reports. A major challenge in fulfilling the core promise is due to non-standardized manual tasks performed repeatedly by programmers, coders, data processing executives and analysts at shorter intervals. Robotic InsightsSM improves speed and accuracy of decision making for Managers by reducing data-to-decision timeline supported by state of the art automated clean data, reports, charts, analytic insights and recommendations. Further, this automation and data-to-decision synchronization reduces cost, eliminates the need for intermediate processes and provides greater bandwidth to focus on addressing customer service needs.

Manage Perceptions to Increase Sales

Customers highlight issues, answer queries, share recommendations and write product reviews on various social media platforms and user forums.

For e.g. Travelers seek hotel and restaurant reviews from travel and restaurant user forum, but key point to note here is that they seek and trust reviews from other users like themselves. To help Hospitality service providers, a leading portal offers a Management Dashboard and Analytics service which provides a summarized view of customers’ experience. A key opportunity is to integrate these insights across the portal and other social media sites and provide them to the customer service and marketing teams so that they can better manage perceptions by providing the right response.

Robotic ResponseSM fulfils customer’s quest for a personalized real-time response. It combines Natural Language Processing with Dynamic Scripting for an Automated Reasoning. So if a customer has had a bad experience with (say) a recently bought skin care product, the customer service department can promptly provide alternative remedies or direct the customer to the right channels. If a customer shares good reviews on social media, the same can be leveraged optimally to drive positive imagery and service assurances.

Manage Perceptions to increase sales
  • Unpickle understands the dynamics of customer experience across various such touchpoints.
  • Unpickle identifies specific business opportunity by each touchpoint for each customer.
  • Managers can leverage Unpickle’s platform to assess the impact of customer experience touchpoints on profitability across Self-Service, Operating and Marketing functions.