Successful Organizations not only focus on their core offering, but also collate and enrich data about their customers to offer personalized services. Business Automation processes & other best practices deliver delightful customer experiences. Customer Experience Platform a necessary means further enhances their capabilities and enables personalized service offerings via

  • Customized and redeployed analytic and technology assets
  • Integrated data across multiple touchpoints
  • Operationalizing Big Data Analytics in the business and revenue context
  • Incorporating industry Best Practices
  • Collaborating and Engaging with stakeholders, developers and customers

Besides the $$$ there are several inherent benefits that enterprises can gain from business automation – personalized customer experiences for each customer in real time basis, better targeted offers to accelerate the Dream-Plan-Buy-Share cycle, multipoint servicing based on needs and priorities amongst many others.

Unpickle builds customer experience platforms which are capable of addressing varying data sets technology and requirements.

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Legacy vs Contemporary

Legacy vs. Contemporary Technology

Heavy investments in legacy systems needs to be tempered with leveraging cheaper and evolving emerging technologies.

Unpickle’s platform is based on Unified Semantic Mart that ensures that business user’s decision making process is independent of back-end technology and data changes.

Online vs. Offline Data

Most organizations end up having customer specific data in an ‘offline’ form. In some cases it is mandatory to meet regulatory and data privacy rules. Other data such as historical records, customer satisfaction data, profiles, CAFs exist in paper form.

All of this data needs to be merged with online data for a more enriched/comprehensive understanding of customers.

Robotic Business Automation can digitize such data and integrate it with CRM systems to provide a richer understanding of customer. Unpickle applies a systematic approach of automating similar analytic tasks.

Further Unpickle’s Data Plumbing Accelerator makes data amenable for analyses by anonymizing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) information, collecting, cleansing, and merging data from various sources to create a unified customer repository that can be used for specific business and servicing objectives.

Online vs Offline
Customised vs off the shelf

Customized vs. Off-the-shelf

Investing in Off-the-shelf analytics platform is relevant if they meet 70% of requirements. Customized solutions invariably run into cost and time overruns.

Unpickle’s Touchpoint Mix models are reusable algorithms adapted to existing business and systems to improve the quality of Customer Experience outcomes.

Unpickle documents client’s intellectual capital in the form of governance, practices, formulas and processes in Digital Business Console. The Console demonstrates higher adoption rates as it helps business users to differentiate on experience in the marketplace.

Unpickle drives customer experience management in a way that meets measurable, defined outcomes which

  • Are aligned to business priorities.
  • Measure and map processes to fix the bottlenecks.
  • Reduces organization idle time causing the entire Dream-Plan-Buy-Share deployment train to accelerate.