Road to enhanced Customer Experience begins with a workshop with our customers. The Workshop assesses expected ROI (3 months to 3 years) and customer experience maturity index (Self-service, Operating and Marketing) to map current priorities, challenges and opportunities. We can engage with you in 3 different ways.

Profit Sharing Model

Profit Sharing Model

Unpickle partners with organizations to create shared performance gains. Travelers pay for their ‘Dreams’ – not just for stay nor for transportation. Similarly Patients pay for their ‘care – not just for consultation nor for medicines

While we are about Big Data Analytics and building platforms, but we build them for Business Outcomes. And that is what you should pay for too We are committed to your long term strategy for success and are willing to share the risk by signing up for a unique outcome based fee structure where Unpickle’s payment is dependent on achieving expected outcomes. Some illustrative e.g.

  • Improve Self-Service Effectiveness by 200-300 basis points over 3 months driving a minimum of 1$Mn USD (INR 6 Crore) in annual cost savings
  • Increase Operating Effectiveness by 800-900 basis points over 6 months to maintain 80% customer satisfaction
  • Convert Marketing Effectiveness by 100 basis points over 4 months increasing incremental revenue by 10-15%

Profitability Assessment

Identify profitable opportunities in 2-6 week
There are 4 key questions Customer Experience professionals are keen to solve

  • Business: How to align business strategies to leverage granular, repeated, personalized and near-real time understanding of customers
  • Data: What are the ways to unlock and decipher customer experience embedded in disparate and unstructured touchpoints such as customer care, service agent notes, devices, and social networks
  • Technology:Which technology stack and platform to invest in that will provide synergies with existing investments in Visualization, Data Science, Big Data and Business Intelligence
  • Analytics: How to incorporate Machine Learning, Reporting Automation and Statistical Analyses in reducing customer’s effort to do business

In order to address these similar and complex questions, Unpickle conducts 2 to 6-week assessment with the following objectives:

  • Assess current capabilities related to business imperatives, data landscape, legacy systems, analytical maturity, and process benchmarks
  • Collate and document high level need gaps and goals from key stakeholders
  • Define a target state Customer Experience Touchpoint framework
  • Develop a near term roadmap of key initiatives to address identified gaps
Virtual Captive Strategic Team Value

Virtual Captive

Create a fully mature Customer Experience Platform capability, leveraging Unpickle for strategic value

An IP-platform capability that differentiates in the marketplace presents a large opportunity. Customer Experience professionals looking to offer “platform-based services” to augment their core offering have two main execution choices:

Building an In-house platform captive team

  • Deep leadership bandwidth is required for constant oversight of platform roadmap and foster an innovation & thought leadership culture

Outsource to mature Analytics & Technology service provider

  • Overt focus on hiring, training or labor arbitrage, instead of building intellectual assets, providing solutions or driving better outcomes.

Unpickle blends our client’s need to retain competitive differentiation in customer experience with client’s need to tap external and emerging capability. Unpickle’s Virtual Captive creates Customer Experience platform engineering team for our clients with the following benefits.

  • Co-development team that will have the characteristics of an in-house platform captive in a series of consistent, value-added steps
  • Shared investment risk and higher speed to analytic & technology engineering capability
  • Gain access to contemporary analytics and technology capability
  • More control on people, assets and Intellectual Capital (IP)
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