Big Data Analytics can drive a consistent and seamless experience at an individual customer level. For successful B2C businesses, Big Data routinely entails near real-time servicing of 4-5 Million customers, with a 3 to 5 year transaction history across multiple structured and unstructured touchpoint datasets.

Operationalizing Big Data requires setting a business context to monitor and enable outcomes which in turn leads to deriving value for the investment made in Big Data.

Operationalizing accelerates time to market for all important initiatives and helps Cost reduction via Self-Service Effectiveness, Customer Retention via Operating Effectiveness and Sales Increase via Marketing Effectiveness.

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Self Service Effectiveness

Self-Service Effectiveness

Digitalization enables customers to interact using virtual channels as alternatives to traditional channels or personal services. Customer Experience professionals are always looking to balance rising operating expenses due to personal and telephone service channels against demanding customers expecting higher quality of servicing, every time.

Profitability of Self-Service Technologies

Unpickle can identify the substitution potential for servicing via traditional and expensive touchpoints to optimize Self-service technologies. This translates into cost reductions of time consuming and unprofitable servicing that are provided personally or by phone.

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Customer Journey Maps

Unpickle traces the channel path taken by customers and identifies various chinks like breakages, digression from ‘normal’ behavior, etc. Having identified the path, this learning can be used to aid the customer’s journey via improved service channel adoption rates and manage customer acceptance thereby delivering optimized service in line with customer needs and expectations

Operating Effectiveness

Customer Operations via all its processes and resources are focused entirely on the design and delivery of products & services. And they strive for one more mantra – Personalized Customer Service. Knowledge from past transaction history and customers profile details are the means to design and deliver personalized service and experiences.

Unpickle’s Big Data Analytics unravels customer experiences in design, engagement, process and perception touchpoints to drive operating effectiveness and provide levers for servicing and offering personalized solutions for every customer through the following services:

Operating Effectiveness
Service Data Aggregation and Resolutions

Unpickle integrates contact centre data (RDBMS), IVR (log), Speech Analytics (Text), Customer satisfaction (PDF), Mystery shopping (Excel), Web Analytics (Stream), and CRM to disaggregate problems due to employee responsiveness, process issues, technology or organizational policies.

Voice-of- Customer Action Management

Unpickle automatically routes consumer signals from surveys, complaints, social media and transaction behaviour to Customer Engagement professionals. For example, ratings on social media by a customer of a hotel can be linked to booking process, food & beverage, service encounters with employees and billing and check-out process. This linking in real-time followed by appropriate response by Engagement professionals will help build strong sustaining relationship with customers.

Log Analytics

Unpickle automates analysis of clickstream, sensor, log and other streaming data to optimize asset performance, predict service failures and reduce costs of rework. For example, hospitality service provider can analyze navigational behavior of each guest across multiple sites and time periods resulting in 1 Terabyte of quarterly data.

Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing efforts core focus is revenues and monetization. Customer Experiences can be monetized, but this needs developing a vision for organization’s touchpoints to deliver value to multiple stakeholders and requires designing future services to expand revenue streams and explore new growth opportunities.

Unpickle identifies revenue generating opportunities throughout the customers Dream-Plan-Buy-Share lifecycle.

Occasion Motivation Map

Unpickle identifies needs and occasions that activate specific behavior. These predicted behavior scan help define the best support that service staff can provide to the customer. For example, Direct-to-home service providers can showcase on demand movies within their libraries that a customer was browsing online.

Customers propensities towards certain touchpoints can be monetized with pay-per-use model. Identifying the need for an advisory service within the banking ambit, a retail banking firm charged $10 per customer per month for using their financial advisor app generating 70$Mn additional revenue.

Unpickle solutions can find the right offer with the right message for right customers at the right occasions translating in to high conversions.

Personal Advisor

Unpickle designs devices to analyze and predict future needs through touchpoint diagnostics. Diagnostics and best practices from predictive devices caters to the individualized consumption experiences.

E.g. Mobile connected devices can scan the skin to diagnose skin imperfections based on pre-defined parameters. Beauty advisors can offer real-time, personalised skin care advice through the app. Device can also be used by Beauty Care advisors to offer relevant interventions based on an individual customers’ predicted risk of acceptance. Unpickle unlocks similar diagnostic data and merges it with historical data to create predictive and personalized advice.

R&D Productivity

Unpickle can analyze data residing in various touchpoints to identify key features and services in customers’ language which can be used as inputs by R&D and Marketing team for further creation of new offers.

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